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Catering n: The trade of a professional caterer Culture n: A high degree of taste and refinement formed by aesthetic and intellectual training. Catering Culture n: a amalgamation of professional service and smorgasbord of cultures


HALAL Certification

We have been Halal-certified by MUIS (a government agency overlooking Muslim affairs) since our inception. Upon request we can display our halal certificate at the buffet so that your Muslim guests can rest assured of our certification.


Christmas 2015 & New Year Season 2016
We will be serving only our Christmas & New Year menus on Dec 18, 22, 23 & 24, 31, 2015
(We accept our apologies as we do not serve Packet Meals on these days)

There will be surcharge of $1 -$2/pax for Standard Menu (Exp, Fusion Asian Buffet, Tea Reception etc…) for 31 Dec 2015.  
No Seminar Packages on 18, 22, 23, 24 &31 Dec 2015 * for large orders, please call 98579292
Transport charges from Dec 22 – Jan 1, 2016 is $50 (Buffets) (waived for orders above $1,000) & $35 (Mini Buffets)
Catering Culture Pte Ltd and the Management wishes you a Blessed Christmas & an Abundant 2016!!

Welcome to Catering Culture, and just as our name says, we cater to you in a cultured manner. Catering Culture is proud to offer premiere Catering Services in Singapore. Catering Culture has a wide variety of menu choices available to appeal to your every taste, reflecting Singapore’s mixture of cultures together to produce, from Chinese to Indian to Asian and other cuisine you can find in the multi-international melting pot that is Singapore’s culture.

Whether you’re catering for a high-powered executive lunch, celebrating a special occasion such as Christmas, National Day or Hari Raya, we can cater to all your needs. What’s more, Catering Culture is equipped for Halal Catering, and our menus are fully 100% Halal-certified by the MUIS, a government body that handles Muslim affairs. At request, Catering Culture will be happy to display our Halal certificate during our catering services so that your Muslim friends, employees or business associates can join in the delicious feast too! As we mentioned, we cater to all cultures and leave no one out. So, are you looking for good Catering in Singapore? A selection of mouth-watering dishes sure to delight all participants of the meal? Then browse our website today for more information.


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